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We have purchased the finest single origin Arabica for your enjoyment. This mix of Central American, African, and Indonesian coffees provide you with a choice of acidity, sweetness, and richness of body. Choose your favorite coffee from the list below.
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - This awesome coffee is dry processed with strong…undertones, roasted to a medium dark toast.
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Costa Rica Tierra Madre Costa Rica Tierra Madre - This Central American coffee is estate grown boosting extra bright acidity and full body. Roasted to a lighter City Roast.
Costa Rica Tierra Madre
Sumatra Mandheling Sumatra Mandheling - This is a low acid coffee with heavy body and a rich earthy flavor. A great dark roasted coffee.
Sumatra Mandheling
Sulawesi Toraja Sulawesi Toraja - An Indonesian Coffee from the islands located between Australia and Sumatra, a region known for it’s low acid, delicious cup. This coffee has deep-toned flavors, low acidity and rich body. Yum!
Sulawesi Toraja
Guatemalan Huixoc Estate Grown Guatemalan Huixoc Estate Grown - An outstanding medium bodied coffee with delicate floral notes and good aftertastes. This is a lighter, City Roast coffee.
Guatemalan Huixoc Estate Grown
New Guinea New Guinea - Medium light roast, imported from the Far East Island of it’s name sake, carefully roasted to bring out the mild, almost sweet, low acid, with no bitter after taste.
New Guinea
Kenya AA Kenya AA - For a limited time only! World-renowned coffee known for it’s wine-like characteristics and citrus flavors. Roasted to a full City Roast.
Premium Roast
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