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Green teas have become very popular recently because they have been found to be an excellent source of Vitamin C and they offer terrific antioxidant protection. We offer 4 great flavored Green teas. These teas originate from the Uva-Welimada region of Sri Lanka and are flavored with all natural flavors. These teas are packaged loose in a 4 oz. bag.
Green Teas
Blueberry Green Tea
Blueberry Green Tea - Delicious, aromatic blueberry flavor over coppery green infusion, a smooth slightly smoky cup with a sweetish finish – Goes well over ice. Ingredients: Sri Lanka grown Gun Powder Green Tea, Natural Dried blueberries, Blossoms, Leaves & Stems.  4 oz. loose $8.95
Strawberry Green Tea
Long Island Strawberry Green - Reminiscent of cool spring mornings, wild strawberry picking days of my youth. Open the bag and close your eyes as the aroma fills the room. My personal favorite hot or iced for any occasion!  4 oz. loose $8.95
Vanilla Green Tea 
Vanilla Green Tea - Delightfully sweet vanilla bean over green tea. This delicately flavored first flush tea is beautifully mild, smooth and relaxing.  4 oz. loose $9.95
Jasmine & Flowers Green Tea - Surprising body and captivating floral character accentuated by specially selected May Jasmine blossoms. Rare organically grown variety.  4 oz. loose $9.95
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